Frequently Asked Questions

In this section we’ve gathered questions about equativo that we’re often asked.

Who is equativo for?

Equativo is for employers of all sizes, in particular those in regulated industries where the problem is most acute and most impactful – such as healthcare, financial services, teaching, energy, and transportation. 

Equativo also provides services for those who do not have traditional employers – for example gig workers, and third sector or fourth sector workers.

Why equativo?

The purpose of equativo and its mission is to support employees as humans at work. It’s the epitome of human-centricity.


Our equativo founders know from their own personal experiences the importance of confidentiality and the need for safe places.

How does equativo work?

Starting with the problem as the centre of our thinking has allowed us to design a service that directly meets the need – we’re not here to reverse engineer legacy products.


Equativo uses leading edge identity technology that empower its users with ownership and control of their identity. A user’s profile is theirs to own and manage – they can determine what gets shared and when.

What makes equativo different?

Equativo has been designed with the employee at its heart. The proliferation of engagement, enablement, feedback and employee experience tools that are in use by employers today are designed with the employer’s needs at their core – to “extract” feedback, or engagement scores, or quantify employee experience. Equativo is different because it is designed around the needs of employees as human beings at work – to empower and enable them by ensuring that they get the support that they need, when they need it. 

Is employee information secure and anonymous?

Confidentiality and trust are core to our mission at equativo. As the GDPR data controllers of employee’s data we are obliged to care for data according to strict regulations.

Except for very specific exclusions, we will not provide information to employers that identifies their employees where they have requested anonymity

What are your code of ethics?

Equativo has been formed with privacy and confidentiality at its core which reflects our code of ethics.

We use machine learning and artificial intelligence technology to underpin the service and are in the process of aligning with industry recognized code of ethics.

What technologies do you use to power equativo?

Underpinning equativo are technologies such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, natural language processing and blockchain. These technologies allow us to provide the functionality required, alongside the security and confidentiality that our users, be they employees or employers, rightfully expect of us.

What are your company values?

We’re proud of our business values and they’re an integral part of our decision making for everything we do.

Integrity – be real, be truthful

Leadership – the courage to create a better future

Collaboration – together we can achieve great things

Passion – committed in heart and mind

Quality – what we do, we do well

Can I come and work for you?

Check out our Careers page to see our open vacancies! 

If you have any questions not answered here, or have any suggestions for improvements, please let us know.