Empowering employees with a safe place online

Empower and enable your teams to be their whole selves at work to fuel engagement and employee experience

Increase engagement

Have people feel comfortable at work, and boost engagement

Build a community

Allow people to build communities that matter to them

Instil Trust

Earn employees' trust by actively listening to what they have to say

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An engagement tool that works

Rather than sending out yet another feedback form, equativo focuses on directly influencing employee engagement by helping people when they need it most.

Employees who feel comfortable at work are more engaged and more productive, and this is exactly what equativo enables. Manage the war for talent.

Equativo provides employees with a platform to share, connect, and create a community – in a confidential way.

Feel engaged at your job

Many people don’t feel their best selves at work.

Maybe you feel like you have to hide parts of yourself, like you’re not appreciated, or you don’t feel connected with your coworkers.

Rather than feeling like you have to hold back at work, equativo can help you feel empowered, be part of a community, and have your voice heard.

Connect with coworkers in a whole new way

With equativo, you can connect with colleagues, find useful information, and voice your thoughts.

Equativo allows you to discuss things you may not feel fully comfortable discussing in the workplace. Making it possible for you to connect with coworkers without worrying about reactions, stigma, or possible career consequences. 

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